Typically our projects are tailored to our client’s needs and we combine different options to finish promotions.  Depending on whether our clients need aerial imagery or professional videography, we use the latest equipment and software and can handle any project from basic event coverage to cinematic experiences or virtual reality and 3D mapping.

Our Service Packages & Options

Basic Package: “Call Out” – $100 includes 10 Still Images & 1 minute of unedited video coverage

Intermediate Package: $250 includes up to 3 locations / places, 30 still images and 3 minutes of unedited video

Professional Package: $800 includes aerial imagery, professional video editing and production.  (These videos are ready to post, share and upload)

Chances are, you need more that a video by itself.  You’ll want to know it’s used correctly to accomplish something specific;  the internet is full of great videos no one can find.  Who, what, when, where and why are all questions that should be answered before spending money.  We can help with these questions.  Skymagery is a group of professionals with different areas of expertise.  Our webmaster & SEO professional has 15 years of experience in online marketing and our aviation expert spent 8 years as a naval contract flight instructor;  our director / videographer has films on Netflix.  Whether you’re looking for basic photography or a movie, basic aerial imagery or virtual reality models and 3D mapping, we can help.  

Additional Services:  Basic consulting is typically offered with each project.

  • VR tour and 3D mapping available
  • Video Production & Professional Editing available
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

Example video for Southern Anglers