Latest Video from Skymagery & for the Alabama State Park

UAV’s, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and most commonly, “Drones” allow us to capture amazing imagery from rarely seen perspectives. The possibilities are endless considering the maneuverability and size of today’s UAV systems. What was once something only seen in Hollywood blockbusters, is now affordable and available to all.

When the FAA finalized guidelines on August 29th, 2016 allowing licensed pilots to operate commercially, aerial photography opened to the masses.  William Cobb was the first licensed pilot in our region, teaches from Lightning Aviation in Foley, AL and keeps up with current UAV News.  Whether you need imagery, have questions about a fun and exciting hobby or looking for career opportunities, we can point you in the right direction.  Send us an email at

What equipment do we use? We use DJI’s Inspire and Phantom models for our aerial imagery and their OSMO+ for all other imagery.  DJI makes great aerial systems and their camera technology tends to be easily upgraded and highly compatible.